Pro Football Talk Live with Mike Florio

Pete Carroll Talks to the Press Twice? + Chargers Win Over the Steelers + Cam Newton Couldn't Keep His Promise | 11/22 #2

Episode Notes

Pete Carroll got frustrated during the post game press conference and leaves abruptly. He then proceeds to return later in the conference to answer more questions, addresses his attitude, and expresses his respect for the media.

Chargers vs Steelers: Brandon Staley was very pleased with how his team won while answering questions from the media.

Washington vs Panthers: In their first matchup against one another since Rivera cut Cam Newton from his roster, Ron Rivera came out on top. Last Week Cam Newton promised to ring Bank of America Stadium back to its glory, and this week he couldn't keep that promise.

Sunday Statements Draft: Florio picks Jonathan Taylor's 5 TOT performance while Golic picks Colt McCoy's performance in the Cardinals win over the Seahawks. Who else do they pick this week?

Monday Night Football, Buccaneers vs. Giants: Tom Brady talks to he media about him and his teams performance in recent weeks.