Pro Football Talk Live with Mike Florio

Pete Carroll and Tyler Locket Aren't On the Same Page + Speed Bump or Road Block? + The future of Taysom Hill in the NFL | 11/23 #2

Episode Notes

Seattle Seahawks: After a loss to the Cardinals, Tyler Locket told the media what he thought went wrong in their offense. A day later, Pete Carroll doesn't corroborate with his wideout's story. The offensive communication in Seattle seems to be leaking beyond the field.

Speed Bump or Road Block: Join Florio and Simms as they take a look at some anomalies that occurred this weekend. Are these outcomes the outlier or the expectation for these team?

Taysom Hill: After just signing his 4 year extension, some fans were confused by his contract details. Florio and Simms will take us through how much he is expecting to make and how much he can potentially make off of this new deal.

Week 11 GOATs (In a Bad Way): Tannehill, Mayfield, and Josh Allen are just a few of the picks for this week's bad GOATs.