PFT Live with Mike Florio

NFL Week 12 Picks + Jets bench Zach Wilson

Episode Summary

Chris (@CSimmsQB) & Mike (@ProFootballTalk) give their picks for Week 12, and react to breaking news on Zach Wilson midway through the pod. But first, Mike self-reports on a banking error in his favor. Producer's note: For our picks of the Thanksgiving games, see the previous podcast which we posted Wednesday.

Episode Notes

(4:50) Broncos at Panthers

(7:45) Buccaneers at Browns 

(10:45) Ravens at Jaguars

(12:50) Texans at Dolphins

(15:50) Bears at Jets

(21:40) Bengals at Titans

(25:30) Falcons at Commanders

(27:40) BREAKING NEWS: The Jets bench Zach Wilson

(31:30) Chargers at Cardinals

(34:35) Raiders at Seahawks

(38:15) Rams at Chiefs

(41:00) Saints at 49ers

(43:30) SNF: Packers at Eagles

(47:15) MNF: Steelers at Colts

(50:10) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick